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The basic corrugated box has been with us for a long time now; it was in 1903 that the first corrugated cardboard box was approved for use in shipping, and since then the familiar box, whether large or small, has become ubiquitous across the industry. In the modern competitive marketplace,Continue Reading
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3 Ways to Increase Product Sales Through Packaging
Retail Packaging strategies are extremely important in order to ensure that you remain competitive in the retail environment. Whether you are already in stores or are working on your future retail strategy, we have compiled a few ideas which are known to increase sales.   Understand your Demographics We can’tContinue Reading
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As designers we all go through dry spells or creative blocks similar to the infamous ‘writers block’. The problem with creative blocks, is generally clients don’t budget for an unforeseen amount of time to regain your creative juices. Here are a few ideas to help stimulate creativity on your nextContinue Reading
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Like the old saying goes “all good things come to an end” and unfortunately that is the case when it comes to packaging strategies. Luckily for some, packaging strategies can last for years; unfortunately for others, you could need to revamp your product packaging within only a few months. HereContinue Reading
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Halloween costume ideas made from cardboard packaging
It’s that time of year again, witches and vampires will be roaming our neighbourhoods looking for a sweet treat. Using recycled materials can not only be fun and creative, but it can reduce environmental impacts and be a real wallet saver. Being a packaging company and all, we are alwaysContinue Reading
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