Attention spans are shorter and shorter these days. People are constantly bombarded by advertising coming from all sorts of directions. There’s social media, all sorts of news media, billboards and other advertising conduits all vying for the consumer’s attention. But how do you get noticed and what works and what

Retail Displays

It has never been more challenging to build a brand and identity that engages consumers. Not only do consumers have more choice than ever before but they also have more control than ever before. The number of possible mediums to engage consumers through has grown significantly over that last few

Corrugated Packaging, custom packaging

You cannot modify the layout of a retail store or change the configuration of aisles and the way items are placed inside a store. But you can better understand a store’s customer traffic patterns. By understanding customer traffic patterns you can better understand the most optimal locations for your in


What is your packaging process and how much is it costing you? How do you manage your freight and labour costs? What about your inventory control process? For new and growing business it is critical to get these processes right. It can mean the difference between making a profit and

custom packaging
eco friendly packaging ideas

There are many techniques and tools out there when it comes to eco friendly packaging. Using cardboard over plastic or recycling the packaging materials are obvious examples that are well established and not anything new. But it’s amazing how some companies push the boundaries of sustainability and manage to

Environmental Packaging Practices, Packaging Design