Halloween costume ideas made from cardboard packaging
It’s that time of year again, witches and vampires will be roaming our neighbourhoods looking for a sweet treat. Using recycled materials can not only be fun and creative, but it can reduce environmental impacts and be a real wallet saver. Being a packaging company and all, we are alwaysContinue Reading
Corrugated Packaging
Capturing consumer interest remains one of the critical goals of product packaging. In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, your product packaging will be the first thing that consumers will pick out off the shelves, in stores, in real time. While an online presence and aggressive eCommerce strategy is paramount in supportingContinue Reading
Packaging Design
With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, we are bracing ourselves for the holiday season. Wreaths, snowmen and candy canes will soon inundate our malls, grocery stores, and well, basically any retail outlet. For the next 3 months, makers, brands, and manufacturers will be switching up their packaging to help capitalizeContinue Reading
custom packaging, Retail Displays
Logistics, shipping, and customer satisfaction relationship is symbiotic; neither can exist without the other and are experience mutual benefits. By definition, logistics are supply chain management; the monitoring, controlling, organizing and direction of supplies. Shipping is the means by which a product or package reaches a destination. Both of theseContinue Reading
Shipping Supplies
Point of Purchase (POP displays) are used in retail shopping to draw a consumer into your product, making it more attractive than it’s competitors and thus driving a sale. The obvious goal is to generate a sale at the point of purchase (inside a store). POP Displays take a varietyContinue Reading
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