Top Ten Fonts for Packaging
Designing packaging is one of my favourite tasks, but there are always some key things to keep in mind. For this article I’m going to breakdown my ‘top 10 font’s for packaging‘ into 3 different types of packaging and the material used.  Fonts Best Used Directly on Brown Cardboard BoxesContinue Reading
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We recently worked with Hootsuite on some swag boxes for their Brand Ambassador Program. We love the graphics they came up with! The graphics are spot on to the smallest details.  One to note, they had us reshape the ‘tuck in’ flap to match the owls pointed nose. Let us knowContinue Reading
Graphic Design, Packaging Design
Bow tie box, garment box
Cursor & Thread is a local (Vancouver) company that makes beautiful bow-ties and suspenders. So far ibox has made two different boxes for Cursor & Thread: one for their bow-ties and one for their suspenders. We love their creativity with both there packaging design and graphics. Their bow-ties and suspenders are really niceContinue Reading
Graphic Design, Packaging Design