In the packaging world we measure boxes in a specific way. Today we wanted to share with you our guidelines for box measurement. Box dimensions are always read in this sequence: Length, Width, Depth. The length is the LARGER of the two dimensions of the open face (flap opening);

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Whether you are new to graphic design or are a seasoned veteran, we have compiled our top 5 resources for packaging designers to help you while working through your next design. 1. The Dieline – Packaging & Dielines: a Free Resource While finding inspiration for designs can be one

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When it comes to packaging one of the most discussed issues is sustainability. It is imperative that companies involved in the packaging industry (or any industry) are environmentally responsible. At ibox, we use cardboard everyday to manufacture our products and we recognize the importance of being a sustainable organization. When you

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In the packaging industry, we use a number of terms to describe packaging – one in particular we use a lot is ‘corrugated’. So what does corrugated mean? Let us explain! As defined by Wikipedia, Corrugated is is a paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or

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Recently we had the opportunity to work with Enviro Glass Straw on their Retail Packaging. Enviro Glass Straw is a fairly new manufacturer located on Vancouver Island. All their straws are hand blown by the owner. By using glass straws, you are no longer putting your health

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