Sustainable Forestry Initiative

At ibox Packaging we take the environment very seriously and this is why we are a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI is a fully independent, charitable organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. They work with conservation groups, local communities, resource professionals, landowners, and countless other organizations and individuals who share our passion for responsible forest management.

In regards to the packaging industry this is what SFI states:

Retailers, printers, publishers, distributors and merchants are turning to SFI-certified papers and packaging materials to meet the growing demand for responsibly sourced forest products. SFI “percent content” and fiber sourcing labels make sustainable forestry less anonymous. They provide is a visual cue telling you and your customers the fiber used to produce paper and packaging products – from envelopes to juice boxes to magazines – is from a legal and responsible source.

The SFI program is the world’s largest single forest certification standard, and it is internationally recognized and accepted. This offers the advantage of a steady supply of certified products to meet the growing consumer demand. By choosing SFI-certified products, companies of all sizes can use their buying power to improve forest management while sending a clear signal to customers they care about forests.

While recovered fiber is an attractive choice, it usually only makes up a small percentage of any paper product. An SFI label completes the equation by confirming the rest of the wood fiber is from a responsible source. There are also SFI labels available to indicate the amount of recovered fiber content in a certified product.

At ibox Packaging we are constantly improving the way we do things. We are always looking for new information and better ways of conserving our planet. If you have any comments or suggestions on the way we can preserve the environment, please feel free to email us directly at