10 Ways to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes

10 Ways to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes


It’s out with the recent and in with the new. Far gone are those days where all you could do with cardboard boxes was to dispose them in the trash. Asides from being environment friendly, upcycling is the new and trendy way to make the most of your cardboard boxes. From making cricket bats to sponge bob’s costume for the kids, there is almost nothing that you cannot make out of a good cardboard box. With the help a few tools, you can give that plain looking box a facelift and create a ‘wow effect’. You no longer have to trash those boxes, check out these 10 easy DIY ways to upcycle your cardboard boxes.

Hello there! We’re open for Business!

Help your business a simple, stylish paraffin-waxes signage. A little glue, paint and some cardboard is all it takes to do the trick. Add some eyelets and strings, and you have yourself a cost-effective signage to not only stand your business out but give directions also.

Classic Packaging Bags

Want to leave your customers or guests with a lasting impression? You can make nice fancy packaging bags from cardboard boxes and top it up a little embellishment like your brand signature. Remember, those nice cardboard take-outs you enjoy so much, that’s something to try out for your business.

Storage boxes

Cardboard boxes have been and will always be a quick and easy way to store a wide range of goods you want to keep out of sight for at least awhile. Those files, toys and artifacts you’ve wanted to put away or give out? Do it the cardboard way!

Durable Crates

Good news is that with your cardboard boxes, your breakable goods such as glass wares, electronics and even groceries, eggs and fruits can make the long distance shipping trips in one piece. You can make that cardboard your package-delivery apparatus.

Fancy Photo Frame

One beautiful thing about homemade cardboard photo frames is that they make the pictures more memorable. Get yourself a small portion of fabric nicely glued to a piece give you an interest piece of art you sure would be proud of


Properly tagged packages hardly go missing and correctly tagged files are easier to locate. You can also accompany your nicely wrapped gift with a handwritten message on a gift tag. Whichever way, a simple piece of cardboard is an easy fix

Waste bin

It’s bye bye to corrugated and plastic bins and hello to foldable strong cardboard boxes lined up with shiny and glossy paper. These can serve also a laundry basket

Wall Art

Add a flavor and color to your décor by using nicely cut out pieces of cardboard boxes either hand painted or dressed up with fabrics. String them up, hang on the wall and you have yourself a real piece of art


If there can be plastic chairs, who say there can be cardboard chairs and tables? You can also use cardboards to pad your upholstery before adding your fabric to give a nice finishing touch.


Run out of bookshelf space? With very little wood support, you can make yourself a lightweight cardboard bookshelf using strong and colorful cardboard boxes. Properly partitioned, these boxes can house up to twenty books.

Join the upcycle gang today! Make the most of that box!

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