3 Reasons Why Your Retail Displays Aren’t Selling


Retail displays play a crucial role in drawing customers in and helping to lead them to the path of purchasing your product. But not everyone gets it right. Some companies do a great job in drawing customers in and some companies fail to utilize their retail or cardboard displays to sell products. Retail displays do not have to be overly complicated. Simple is often better. What ends up happening often is that companies overcomplicate and over clutter the design and the sales pitch. Customers are often shopping while talking on their phone or replying to text messages. This means that attention spans are much lower than they use to be. There’s only so many words or images that a customer will pay attention to before they feel overwhelmed and move on to the next product. Designing your retail packaging and your cardboard displays in such a way that your value proposition is conveyed in the quickest way possible is paramount. But not all companies are able to achieve this. Below we list out some reasons why your products aren’t selling.

Do Your Floor Displays or POP Displays Have a Point?

As described above, it’s important for your displays to have a simple and to the point design. However, sometimes companies design displays with too much guess work needed to figure out what the product is or what it’s supposed to do. A single word containing a cryptic and fancy meaning might sound clever and appealing but if the customer has no idea what it’s suppose to mean or do then this creates too many mental steps for the customer. And too much complexity will lower the chance of them buying your product.


Too Many Messages in Your Design

Perhaps your message is clear but there are just too many of them. It’s possible to convey too much good information. When a customer glances at your retail display and they are able to quickly understand what it is your trying to sell or say then just stop there. There is no need to provide extra information. Say one thing and say it well.


No Story With Your Display

Create a story with your display. Storytelling can be a powerful tool to retain brand loyalty and to help customers better recall and remember your brand and your products. It’s important that you try and design your display in such a way that conveys your brand’s story. Of course it’s important to focus on selling your products but it’s equally as important to have a clear brand message at every opportunity. And the best way to convey your brand message is through storytelling. So make sure you try and utilize your display not just for selling your product.

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