4 Key Points to Focus on When Designing Packaging for Pets

4 Key Points to Focus on When Designing Packaging for Pets


Pet owners, with or without children are parents too. Pet owners treat their pet as they part of the family and they deserve as good or better than themselves when it comes to their pet products. Here are the 4 key points to consider when designing packaging for pets:

Focus on the The Pet Owners Emotions

Capturing a pet owner attention is easily done by keying in on their emotions. Create designs that will grab at their heart strings. It is important to build trust in the product by showcasing that it is the best and safest choice for their pet. A few ideas for doing this is by showing health benefits, identifying healthy ingredients and images of a happy pet. 

High End Products Should Equal High End Packaging Design

Pet food over the past few years has begun to parallel with the health food market. Because the packaging is going to be the first thing they see and touch, you must ensure that it reflects the quality of the product. This can be down by using higher quality packaging materials as well as high-end design. 

Another trend within high end products is sustainability. When choosing packaging materials, look for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials possible. These could include highly recyclable materials such as cardboard as well as materials containing high percentages of recycled content. 

Offer Trial Sized Packaging

When it comes to pet food, the pet owner doesn’t necessarily want to buy a full sized box of dog food not knowing whether or not their pet is going to enjoy it. By offering trial sized packages, the pet owner has the opportunity to see if their pet enjoys your product. This also provides a great marketing opportunity. Build in an incentive such as a 10% off your first box to gain that upper edge over competitors. 

Use in Store Marketing Displays

Pet stores are sometimes as large as groceries stores.. They can become overwhelming with numerous products. By using POP Displays, Pallet Displays or Counter Displays you can display more information about your product and separate your products from your competition. 

If you are looking for inspiration for your next pet food packaging design check out this article via The Dieline: ‘20 Pet Food Packaging Designs’. 

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