5 Creative Way’s to Reuse Your Cardboard Packaging

5 Creative Way’s to Reuse Your Cardboard Packaging


Recycling is probably the most common and responsible way of discarding your packaging after using it, but we thought we would share some other creative ways of reusing your packaging. 

1. Planter Boxes

One of the best things about cardboard is that it biodegrades fairly fast making it an excellent choice for planter boxes. Obviously you wouldn’t want to use this for the entire summer, but unlike plastic trays and cups, you can plant your cardboard planter box right in your garden. Overtime it will biodegrade with no significant damage to the environment (if the packaging has a litho-laminate, make sure to peel it off before placing it in the garden). 

2. Forts for your Children

This is an obvious one, though to this day our employee’s take home boxes that didn’t pass quality control for their kids to build forts. Kids love building forts and cardboard works great! 

3. Laptop Stand

I am constantly on my laptop and this is one project that peaks my interest A LOT! You will have to be good with a box cutter, but this is doable. Click here to learn how to do it!   

4. Cardboard Costumes

Halloween is probably one of the best holidays of the year, and like many of us, procrastination on a costume is usually a reality. Good news, you can make a pretty cool looking costume. Take a look at this post on Mashable for inspiration.

5. Camp Fire Starter

It’s camp season and what is camping without a camp fire! Bring a cardboard box with you and load it up with all of your kindling and wood. When building your fire, cut your box up into strips and use it as a base for your fire. I’ve tested this many times, and it works like a charm. If you want to get really technical check out this video

Do you have creative uses for your used cardboard? We’d love to hear about them! 

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