5 Key Elements to Designing and Launching a Subscription Box

5 Key Elements to Designing and Launching a Subscription Box


Brands are increasingly relying on the subscription box model to ensure regular sales while keeping Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) in check.

Once you get going on a successful subscription box model, there is often no looking back. BoxyCharm would be a great example to look at, with its brand name beauty products box sent to loyal and eager subscribers each month.

But things can be a little challenging in the beginning. That is the reason, in this piece, we look at 5 key elements that are vital to designing and launching a subscription box. With these elements in place, you are likely to have a more successful subscription box experience from the get-go.

Choice of Material

The material you select for your boxes will have a key role to play in the joy your subscribers perceive, upon receiving them.

Yes, cardboard boxes are the norm. B-flute or E-flute thicknesses are recommended as they keep shipments protected in transit.

Alongside, your choice of finish will make a vital difference. Matte and Gloss finishes especially stand out so you could consider them.

Box Measurements

The size of your subscription box will play a major role in its success. If the size, shape, volume, and state (solid/liquid, etc.) of its contents are likely to be constant, then you could opt for a standard sized box.

However, that is often not the case, especially when you want to keep the surprise element intact for your subscribers.

Key factors to look at are the vital dimensions of the box in terms of its length, width, and height (or depth).

Your primary objective here would be to ensure that items in the box reach your subscribers safely while snugly packed in it.

Marketing Opportunities

The more attractively designed your subscription box is from the outside, the better it serves as a marketing tool on its own.

Its simple yet catchy design easily draws the attention of onlookers.

You can aim to emulate such a design philosophy, while experimenting with colors, fonts, graphics, and more. Alongside, succinctly placing the USP of your product/brand on your subscription box is an effective marketing ploy to consider.

Pick and pack

The unique approach that you follow to picking and packing your subscription box makes a big difference to the satisfaction that end customers perceive.

A key aspect here would be to pack all your items securely so that they reach end customers safely.

Further, when you have subscription boxes whose items vary each time (examples include monthly hampers, daily/weekly food packets, curated items for fashion and clothing, and so on), it is important that you include a note specifying the contents of the box.

In essence, the fact that you’ve put in the effort to pack in only the best for your subscribers should easily be apparent to them once they open the box.

Ability to ship securely

All the effort that you have put in towards conceptualising and executing your subscription based business model will come to nought if the boxes do not reach your end subscribers safely.

This is ensured through a combination of different factors – the material your boxes are made of, the firms or courier partners you deploy for shipping your boxes, mode of transportation, the distance these boxes have to travel before they reach your subscribers; these are all factors that will play an important part.

Yes, you may not have complete control at every step. But, taking cues from Goliaths in this space like Amazon, you can easily refine your operations to an extent where it is practically a given that every shipment will reach your subscribers safely.


Designing and launching a subscription box does take some effort. Following the 5 key elements that we have listed here will considerably help you towards that end.

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