5 Ways To Create A Unique Product Experience Through Packaging Design

5 Ways To Create A Unique Product Experience Through Packaging Design


Some entrepreneurs and marketers make the terrible mistake of assuming that packaging design is just about making sure that your product is safely delivered in a package of some kind. This simply isn’t true. Packaging design can be an incredible way to connect with the consumer and communicate your brand’s identity. It could also help a product remain memorable, which can lead to long-term revenue from loyal consumers.

The right packaging design can help tell your brand’s story, improve your business’s credibility, and even end up appealing more to both influencers and consumers. Here are five ways to create a unique product experience through packaging design.

1. Create Concise Packaging

While innovative packaging design can create a unique product experience, it’s also important to remember that it is rarely the only factor to consider when a consumer buys a product. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating and marketing a product – it often involves focus groups, adjusting the product to fit the market, and also figuring out how to make sure that the product appeals to as many consumers as possible.

If you are too ambitious with your packaging design, it may be more annoying than appealing to the consumer. It might also affect your profit margins. Your packaging design should be straightforward and should communicate critical aspects of your brand and product.

2. The Benefits of Paper Based Packaging

There are many reasons to consider paper-based packaging for your next innovative product. Many consumers appreciate the fact that paper based packaging is sustainable, and it also can help tell a brand story in a more unique way than plastic-based packaging.

Of course, packaging design isn’t just about being sustainable. A recent survey showed that around 78% of American consumers prefer paper packaging to plastic packaging. This shift certainly doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, either.

3. Use Your Packaging As A Marketing Tool

There are countless different ways to think about marketing or advertising a product in modern times. Some companies are focused on online marketing, while other companies may rely on more traditional marketing forms such as a radio advertising campaign. Other products are incredibly successful because they are closely associated with influencers with millions of followers.

It’s important to remember that your packaging design is also an opportunity to offer more marketing. Your logo should communicate as much about your brand as possible, and it should feature prominently (front and center, if possible) on product packaging. Entrepreneurs and business owners should also consider investing in quality design elements in order to create the perfect logo for their product.

4. Always Stand Out

It doesn’t matter what product you are selling; it’s crucial to figure out what the competition is doing. If the main competition uses a particular color scheme or a specific font, it’s better to stand out from that. Your goal is to offer a unique packaging design that attracts consumers rather than confuses them. If your main competitor offers a product with red/yellow packaging, for example, you should not copy them in hopes of taking away their market share.

Let’s say that you come up with an incredibly innovative package design. Later, you find that it isn’t highlighted because of how the product is placed on shelves. If you are serious about standing out, you will need to take the time and effort to figure out EXACTLY how the product will look where it is sold.

5. Improve The Experience

What are some ways to consider boosting online sales for your product? One of the most critical trends about the packaging is that YouTubers and influencers take the time to “unbox” products. As a result, you may want to create a packaging design that can make the unboxing experience fun, entertaining, and interesting.

One obvious tip is to make sure that it is not difficult or complex to unbox the product. When the packaging is difficult to open, it could affect the reputation of your product. Instead, think about how to make the unboxing experience more fun and engaging.

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