A Very Covid Halloween: Get Creative and Contactless with Cardboard

A Very Covid Halloween: Get Creative and Contactless with Cardboard


It is undeniable that Halloween will look very different this year. With the pandemic heading into its 10th (ish) month, it’s time to get creative for a safe and covid-safe Halloween. CDC recommends staying at least 6 feet away from people who don’t live in your household and to WEAR A MASK! Most importantly, that a costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth mask. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best ideas using some everyday recyclables that are sure to make this Halloween fun and safe. Just make sure you remember to wash your hands. 

  1. Cardboard Candy Chute

Image source: delish.com

This is a simple way to physically distance and still make sure the neighbourhood kiddos get their individually-wrapped treats. While the tutorial uses a cardboard shipping tube, you can easily tape together cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Throw a little paint on there and mount it to your hand railing, or build a stand and bring it closer to the street. 

  1. Spooky Decorations 

Image source: ehow.com

Set up your yard for trick or treaters to admire from a distance this year. Turn your front lawn into a graveyard with spooky DIY tombstones. All you need is some cardboard boxes, paint and a little imagination. Check out the tutorial here

Foregoing Trick-or-Treating this year? Try these activities for a fun night in: 

  1. Easy DIY Garlands 

Image source: easydiys.com

Have a family DIY night by making spooky garlands! Take it a step further by going eco friendly and reusing discarded or recyclable packaging and arming the kids with some paint! Click here for instructions and templates. 

  1. DIY Candy Corn Pinata 

Image source: brit.co

Just because the family isn’t trick-or-treating this year, doesn’t mean that the kids can’t have fun with candy! Follow these steps to make an at home candy corn pinata with just cardboard, balloons, newspaper, and glue.

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