Advantages of Custom Printing on Shipping Boxes

Advantages of Custom Printing on Shipping Boxes


Corrugated cardboard is a very versatile material for manufacturing shipping boxes. Not only because of its protective capabilities and sturdy characteristics, but because its surface takes ink really well making the box a “blank canvas” for custom printing opportunities. In this post we will discuss some of the advantages of custom printing on shipping boxes.

Custom Forms on Boxes

custom printed form on box

When a client carries a large variety of products it is common to have a coding system for inventory purposes. Printing custom forms on boxes will help with sorting and storing. Companies have different types of coding to identify different products and shipments. By having printed forms on boxes, it allows employees to identify what type of  product is packed inside the boxes, with quantities and date of shipping (depending on the form). Another advantage of printing forms on boxes is that it may reduce the use of printed labels.

Branding and Advertising

logo on shipping box

Many companies spend large sums of money trying to get their products noticed in saturated markets through advertising. As mentioned earlier, having a “blank canvas” gives almost unlimited opportunities to print on a box. Company name, logo, slogan and other messages can be added to a box, which helps advertise your brand and getting it noticed.

If you are using shipping boxes to reach the consumer directly, it is a good idea to personalize the box by adding the recipient’s name with thank you notes. At this stage, properly designed graphics, messages and boxes will have a great impact in a consumer’s experience.

Vegetable Based Ink

At ibox Packaging we use vegetable ink for printing. Vegetable based inks have 0% VOCs, which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and it is a measurement of environmental impact. Petroleum based inks measure at about 25-35% VOCs, and are harder to dispose of. By adding the previous advantages to custom printing and a low environmental impact when doing so, it is both beneficial and sustainable for companies.

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For more information about vegetable based inks please check out our blog post: The Environmental Benefits of Printing with Vegetable Based Inks.

Finally there are many benefits to having custom printed shipping boxes. Not only will it help with advertising and branding, but it will help with differentiating your brand from competitors. This puts your brand in the eyes of the consumer and will help them get a perception of your brand. Also, custom forms eases the storing and sorting of product inventory, and reduces the use of labels. And by printing with our vegetable based oils you are not harming the environement.

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