Back to School Marketing: Emphasizing your retail packaging

Back to School Marketing: Emphasizing your retail packaging


Beginning in mid-July and ending after Labour Day, back to school shopping dominates the retail world. Being the second biggest shopping season, back to school shopping makes up approximately 50% of school related spending. While eCommerce dominates most other shopping seasons, back to school sees the amount of in-store spending double that of online sales.

How can you effectively capitalize on back to school shopping?

Your marketing strategy should combine a mixture of both online marketing with an emphasis on in-store retail presence. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) projects that 81% of consumers will research products online prior to purchasing them in the stores. This means that consumers are conducting searches, comparing prices, reading reviews and looking for deals. Furthermore, research suggests that approximately 41% of back to school shoppers are still drawn in by coupons and old school marketing incentive programs.  

  1. It’s not just books anymore: Books and stationary no longer dominate the back to school shopping lists. Technological gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets are now at the top of the list. Beyond technology, consumers are also looking for convenient products for back to school; lunch boxes, snack sized groceries, tote bags, pencil cases, back packs and fall clothing. The list goes on and on.
  2. Clear communication. As we have previously discussed, in-store shopping nearly doubles that of online purchases. However, as 81% of consumers are conducting their own online product research, it is important that you clearly communicate where shoppers can find your product. Ensure that you eCommerce site is up to date, clearly list your stockists and make it obvious which stores to visit to find your product.  
  3. Consistency, consistency, consistency! We cannot stress this enough. Ensuring that your branding is consistent across your webpage and your retail packaging will make it clear and easy for consumers to spot you in store.
  4. It’s all about your POP displays. As more consumers hit the stores during back to school shopping season, it’s important to separate yourself from the competitors. Consider using floor displays to take your product off the shelves and physically separate it from other products. Custom counter displays are also a great alternative to use to draw in the consumer. Instead of having a stock counter box, consider making your display have multiple shelving at interesting angles, bright colours which compliment your branding/product packaging.
  5. Back to school is year round. While back to school shopping is the second most lucrative shopping season, there is a year round need shop for school. Think of the college or university student returning for a winter, spring or summer semester. Or the teacher who comes back to teach after spring break. While the bulk of the shopping done by families may be late summer, there is a constant flow of students and teachers in and out of various educational institutes on a year round basis.

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