Benefits of Creating Minimalistic Packaging

Benefits of Creating Minimalistic Packaging


When developing an overall packaging strategy it’s easy to start adding on extra items such as unnecessary space, padding and graphics. The problem with adding on all of these extras is that it can become extremely expensive and can create confusion for the end user — your customer. Creating minimalistic packaging can be more cost effective and can create a better user experience for your customers.

Packaging Design

Less Material = Lower Cost Packaging

Less material equals lower cost packaging — it’s that simple! Creating packaging that is designed perfectly to fit your product snug and secure will cost you less. A lot of packaging on the market is designed with excessive amounts of extra packaging. This can be for a lot of reasons such as poor packaging design, too many graphics to fit the usual box, as well as too much extra padding. Our designers strategize to design your packaging to fit your products perfectly by incorporating padding directly into the die line. Another benefit of designing protection directly into the box is using less materials, which makes it easier to recycle.

Less Material = Light Packaging for Shipping

Shipping is generally calculated on weight and space. Using boxes that take up as little space as possible with lighter materials with significantly decrease your shipping costs.

Less Material = Environmentally Friendly Packaging

When designing minimalist packaging, not only are you going save money but you are also creating environmentally friendly packaging. Eco packaging can give your company better credibility within the market and with customers.

Graphic Design For Packaging

As mentioned before, using to many graphics on your packaging can push the packaging designer to use extra material to accommodate the graphics. We suggest combing through your product info and branding for opportunities to eliminate unnecessary information. It is also common to add the same content in multiple places on the box. By pre-determining a user path you can push the end user to find information without repeating content on multiple sides of the box.

By creating minimalistic design’s you are also creating clarity. This clarity will give your brand an edge and create trust with the end user. It will also help separate your product from your competitors.




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