With the world beginning to return to “normal”, folks are feeling more hopeful, more encouraged to socialize again, and move about this world with less trepidation than the year prior. Packaging design and design aesthetic has also been evolving.  We have covered some interesting packaging design trends in 2021. With
In 2020, Market Research Future estimated that the global sustainable packaging market was valued at approximately 305 billion dollars. It is projected to hit a valuation of 473 billion come 2027! From personal care, beauty, and natural foods, the sustainable packaging market is growing exponentially. This means a great opportunity
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The packaging industry has undergone significant changes in design technology, manufacturing processes, materials, and sustainability. We are also noticing that trends are changing as rapidly as the seasons.  The retail environment has always been incredibly competitive, and with the advent of ever changing packaging technologies, it is becoming even harder
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While it is obvious that your product is the most important part of your business, packaging and marketing are a close second. Packaging helps sell your product and allows you to connect with your customers.  Specifically, having social media friendly packaging encourages customers to share photos on various online platforms,
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We know it, and we are still living through it. A global pandemic which brought the world to its knees and fundamentally changed the ways in which we conduct our everyday lives. As 2020 forced us to shift our priorities, packaging design necessarily changed with it. We have the ability
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