It’s safe to say that 2020 is a year which will go down in infamy as a year of profound changes. Changes to the way we allocate resources, relate to one another, and changes to the way we do business. Even prior to 2020, consumer behaviour has seen a remarkable
Packaging serves a very obvious, and necessary purpose: to house and protect a product, to showcase your brand, and deliver a marketing message. While necessary, product packaging is not necessarily sustainable, it creates waste. It’s something that you use once and throw away. Of course, the industry standard is creeping
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Sustainability has certainly become a buzzword in the packaging world. A simple google search of the words “sustainable” and “packaging” will yield a literal minefield of listicles, advertorials, and good plain old “top tens”. But what does smart, sustainable packaging actually look like? How is it conceptualized, then brought to
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Our Guidebook for Creating Good Product Packaging
Packaging gives your product a home; it shelters your product from the chaos which would inevitably ensue on the grocer’s shelves if not for packaging’s organizational mandate. Product packaging itself also goes beyond just organizing. It is a vessel which acts as the exterior of your product, and by proxy,
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What is Typography?  Typography gives words life through the arrangement of letters letters and text in a way which makes it visually appealing. It involves typefaces and font families to create a visually appealing message to the reader.  Packaging design provides companies with an interesting platform by which to communicate