Custom Packaging Tips for Entrepreneurs
How many people know a friend, a colleague, or family member who has decided to quit their job or has, as a hobby, decided to start a self care products business? With the power of the the internet more and more people have attempted to start little businesses on the
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How to Make Your Custom Boxes More Brandable
Getting your brand noticed is not easy. Every company wants to convey their own unique message. Conveying your message can be challenging but there are ways to do this that are subtle and non intrusive using custom boxes. You should use every opportunity to share you brand with consumers. One
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How to Achieve Sustainable packaging Through Innovation
Sustainable packaging is a common buzz phrase thrown around various blogs and websites. But sustainable packaging is a complex, and a multilayered issue. Many times the idea of sustainable packaging is viewed through a narrow lense. Many people associate sustainability​ with the concept of recycling. For example, after a product
Environmental Packaging Practices
Packaging Design Tips for Spring 2019
Understanding and keeping up with design trends is very important when it comes to packaging design. It’s often tempting to become attached to a design style or a timeless design concept that has worked for many years. But it’s important to recognize the competitive landscape. Retail packaging designers are constantly
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Key Elements of Effective Packaging Design
Effective packaging design is key to effective sales. But there are many ways to interpret the idea of effective design so lets explore this concept further. When we think of effective design, in terms of the packaging industry, we think of a design that does a good job at attracting
Packaging Design