5 Steps to Reducing Packaging Waste For Your Business
Are you interested in reducing the amount of waste your business produces cutting while your bottom line? Here are our 5 steps to reducing packaging waste for your business: Identify All Packaging That Your Business Currently Uses Start off by going through all of the packaging your business already uses.
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How Typography Can Help Improve Your Custom Packaging (Part 2)
In part one of the article we discussed how good type design can influence perception, as well as helps you really understand the visual aesthetics of your design. In part two, we will delve deeper into the complexities of good type design as they apply to custom packaging.  From part
Packaging Design, Typography
Picking the right type of font for your next custom packaging design project might just be the easy part. You can easily Google “best font for retail packaging” or “best font for floor displays” and you will discover hundreds of recommendations from a multitude of websites and blogs. But the
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Packaging Design Tips for New Brands
Have you ever looked at a package in a store and couldn’t really figure out what this product actually was? Sometimes we see custom packaging designs and we shake our heads. What is this product, and what are the contents of this box or container? For example, shampoo and body
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how to start a a packaging design project
In part one of our last article we talked about the research phase of starting a custom packaging design project. As a recap, we discussed why packaging design is important and how and why to understand your customers. Next we’ll move on to discussing branding and content requirements. How to
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