personalized packaging
Personalized packaging is a rising trend in the packaging market.  Personalization is helping brands build trust and a connection with their customers. Here are some examples of personalized packaging and why you should consider it for your packaging strategy. Imagine receiving a package wrapped in gold tissue paper with a
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How can we “WOW” our customers using sustainable packaging?  The answer to that can be summed up knowing that the consumer demand for it is huge.  Consumer reports are showing that consumers are more likely to purchase products that eco-concious all the way down to the packaging.  According to a
Environmental Packaging Practices
Product packaging has come a long way in the last few years.  More recently, using creative package design is a powerful branding and marketing tool to invoke brand loyalty in consumers. Multi-sensory packaging is becoming one of the biggest rising trends amongst many product focused businesses.  Multi-sensory packaging touches on
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upcycle cardboard boxes
It’s out with the recent and in with the new. Far gone are those days where all you could do with cardboard boxes was to dispose them in the trash. Asides from being environment friendly, upcycling is the new and trendy way to make the most of your cardboard boxes.
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Over the past few years, there has been a trend veering consumers away from single-use plastics and packaging. Further, the local and organic food suppliers are seeing an upswing in consumer drive towards natural ingredients.  With the market becoming saturated in natural food competition, how can brands use current trends
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