Packaging for eCommerce: 3 Tips for Better Practices
In 2019, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 13.7 percent of retail sales worldwide. As eCommerce grows each year, it is important to understand what we can do to fully optimize packaging for eCommerce. In this article we will provide you with 3 tips for better practices that you
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The future of sustainable packaging looks bright. Companies, consumers and advocacy groups are becoming more conscientious. However, sustainable packaging will have its greatest positive impact from the consumer. What can consumers do and what can companies do to help educate consumers about corrugated packaging boxes?  How can we make packaging
Environmental Packaging Practices
When writing product packaging copy there are many things to consider. There are stylistic elements and word choice considerations you must make. You need to think about who you’re writing for and who your audience is. But there are also more technical requirements that should be adhered to.  For example,
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Writing product packaging copy may not be difficult but writing packaging copy that sells can be a challenge. Before even starting there are many things to consider. What product are you selling, at what price point and to who? Are you selling products in a retail environment or are you
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A recent and new tech innovation is virtual reality and augmented reality. While wearing a special headset users can experience an entire immersive environment. While with augmented reality, the user can use the camera on their smartphone to view additional digital elements in and around whatever object they are pointing
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