Years back, we published a list of the top creative agencies in Vancouver for packaging design. It’s clear that the digital geography of the city is changing, and while we still stand by our original choices, we thought that we would pay homage to some new (and not so new)
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Packaging Design Trends in 2020
Trend forecasting can be a fickle beast. In a world seemingly entwined, a number of factors impact how trends are predicted and mapped. Here are some of our predictions for emerging design trends in the packaging sphere, and how we mapped them.  Here are some factors that impact and drive
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What are the Differences Between Retail and eCommerce Packaging?
The future is nigh. We live in a world dominated by ecommerce. In a 2018 report by Forbes Magazine, online retail sales grew by 16%, compared to the 3.8% growth seen by traditional retail. Forbes further remarked that ecommerce packaging was contributing to rapid deforestation and increased plastic waste; in
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Our DIY Series: The Best of Packaging Design Books
Think about your last trip to the grocery store, do you remember that bottle of olive oil? The one with the delectable looking label, nothing else like it? Or what about those biscuits? The ones in the box that looked special, like you would plan your whole night around the
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sustainable packaging
We can’t help it, packaging is everywhere. Packaging in all its forms; plastic, containers, wrappers, boxes. From Amazon to your local grocery store, it’s inevitable that you will buy something today that has been packaged in a single use container. While recycling has become a cultural norm, it is estimated
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