The Covid-19 pandemic has put sustainability, our environment, and social justice issues into the greater general consciousness. While the world has been talking and advocating for governments and corporations to adopt more sustainable practices, consumers are even more reliable on ecommerce more than ever. Essentially, our systems have not caught
Environmental Packaging Practices
Packaging is a powerful marketing tool for your product, brand, and business as a whole. Having well designed packaging that is driven by customer experience can greatly elevate your product and the perception of value.  Think about how Apple has mastered the unboxing experience; the feel of the packaging, the
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subscription box design
Brands are increasingly relying on the subscription box model to ensure regular sales while keeping Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) in check. Once you get going on a successful subscription box model, there is often no looking back. BoxyCharm would be a great example to look at, with its brand name
It’s hard to believe that we are already 3 months into 2021. With the exponential growth of ecommerce and the need for strong and compelling packaging, we thought we would break down the packaging design trends that have dominating 2021 so far.  Colour Blocking  Image source: Initially explored by
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Buddhism as a religion faithfully promotes following the Middle Path. But wait! This piece is not about religion, is it? Of course not! Yet, in this context, the principle of Middle Path especially applies. So, read on, as we recommend going midway between minimalism and maximalism in packaging design. There
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