Our Guidebook for Creating Good Product Packaging
Packaging gives your product a home; it shelters your product from the chaos which would inevitably ensue on the grocer’s shelves if not for packaging’s organizational mandate. Product packaging itself also goes beyond just organizing. It is a vessel which acts as the exterior of your product, and by proxy,
Packaging Design
What is Typography?  Typography gives words life through the arrangement of letters letters and text in a way which makes it visually appealing. It involves typefaces and font families to create a visually appealing message to the reader.  Packaging design provides companies with an interesting platform by which to communicate
how to make your packaging more sustainable
By its very nature, packaging is inherently unsustainable. However, given its necessity, the goal of packaging has become how to move towards greater sustainability and lessen its carbon footprint. Below are a couple of tips on how to make small (and big) incremental changes in order to work towards greater
Environmental Packaging Practices  
Years back, we published a list of the top creative agencies in Vancouver for packaging design. It’s clear that the digital geography of the city is changing, and while we still stand by our original choices, we thought that we would pay homage to some new (and not so new)
Packaging Design  
Packaging Design Trends in 2020
Trend forecasting can be a fickle beast. In a world seemingly entwined, a number of factors impact how trends are predicted and mapped. Here are some of our predictions for emerging design trends in the packaging sphere, and how we mapped them.  Here are some factors that impact and drive
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