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Think about your last trip to the grocery store, do you remember that bottle of olive oil? The one with the delectable looking label, nothing else like it? Or what about those biscuits? The ones in the box that looked special, like you would plan your whole night around the
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sustainable packaging
We can’t help it, packaging is everywhere. Packaging in all its forms; plastic, containers, wrappers, boxes. From Amazon to your local grocery store, it’s inevitable that you will buy something today that has been packaged in a single use container. While recycling has become a cultural norm, it is estimated
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counter displays
Counter displays function to promote products in a retail environment. They can be a particularly effective tool when used with respect to impulse purchases as they are traditionally placed at the point of sales. Counter displays also work to increase brand awareness by creating a visual hierarchy via separation of
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What is Smart Packaging and How it Can Help Your Business
Smart Packaging is becoming the wave of the future in the manufacturing world.  Businesses all across the globe are reinventing product packaging. Smart packaging has become an interactive customer engagement tool.  It’s brilliant marketing.   What makes it smart packaging? The packaging material includes sensors, microchips, and other tech. This allows
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bilingual packaging Canada
Canada is a made of two different official national languages, English and French.  It only makes sense that it would be a mandatory requirement for manufacturers to label packaging in both official languages.  If you are interested in selling products or designing packaging in Canada this information is vital for
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