Is Retail Packaging Dying? The Latest 2019 Predictions

The threat of a physical retail store disappearance has been around for years now. Articles about the longevity of the retail store show up in blogs and news reports almost daily. I don’t know about you but I have never bought a pair of shoes online or have

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3 Reasons Why Your Retail Displays Aren’t Selling

Retail displays play a crucial role in drawing customers in and helping to lead them to the path of purchasing your product. But not everyone gets it right. Some companies do a great job in drawing customers in and some companies fail to utilize their

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Packaging Design Trend Tips for 2019

Driving product sales lies very much in the art of presentation and packaging. Buyers typically derive the value of the product from the design of the packaging. Think about the price of competing products and the design of the packaging. You will notice something not so obvious. Products

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Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2019

Staying on top of sustainability trends is increasingly important for businesses. Consumers are more educated and knowledgeable than ever. Consumers expect that the products and services they purchase comply and even stay ahead of the strictest environmental guidelines. The trouble for many businesses is the time and money

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fonts for packaging in 2019

When a consumer walks through the isle of a retail store they are faced with dozens of options of products to choose from. Of course consumers make choices based on price and brand name but consumer buying behaviour is also in large part determined by the Graphic Design, Packaging Design