While it is obvious that your product is the most important part of your business, packaging and marketing are a close second. Packaging helps sell your product and allows you to connect with your customers.  Specifically, having social media friendly packaging encourages customers to share photos on various online platforms,
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We know it, and we are still living through it. A global pandemic which brought the world to its knees and fundamentally changed the ways in which we conduct our everyday lives. As 2020 forced us to shift our priorities, packaging design necessarily changed with it. We have the ability
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Social media has quickly risen to become the number one way that we communicate with our friends, family, and colleagues. The prevalence of social media in our every day lives has risen exponentially since 2004. As of 2021, there are approximately 3.78 billion global social media users; that is about
Ecommerce packaging waste has skyrocketed during the pandemic. This is all to do with the rise of online shopping with people opting to shop from the comfort of their couches, rather than pack into crowded stores.  The negative environmental impacts of online shopping are much greater than that of traditional
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We’ve spoken at length over the past year about how the sharp rise of eCommerce due to the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the way we look at packaging. However, with the mobilization of the vaccines, we are staring into a new dawn of potential herd immunity and the possibility
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