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Recycling is probably the most common and responsible way of discarding your packaging after using it, but we thought we would share some other creative ways of reusing your packaging. 

1. Planter Boxes

One of the best things about cardboard is that it biodegrades fairly

Environmental Packaging Practices
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In the packaging industry, just like in any other industry, we use terminology that is not relevant to everyone. With too many acronyms and jargon, knowing how to order the right product could get confusing for a person that doesn’t work in packaging, but uses it. This blog post is not intended

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Packaging and shipping are complimentary services. Once a product gets packaged it gets ready to be shipped. At ibox packaging we understand the importance of having a product arrive in perfect condition, and that is why we offer exceptional packaging services as well as high quality shipping supplies. From finding

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E-commerce is seeing exponential growth in the retail industry in the past year, and it is expected to steadily keep growing. According to a forecast report prepared by Forrester Research, online retail sales are expected to reach $34 billion in 2018. Having this in mind, we thought we would share

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When thinking about product packaging the first that comes to mind is its functionality when protecting the product. However, retail packaging, similarly to magazine ads or TV commercials, serves as a marketing tool to deliver the identity of a brand, and the presentation of the product. This is why it is

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