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We wanted to write a post about our packaging newsletter, the type of content we share and reasons why to subscribe. We send out monthly emails to our subscribers where they can find information on product discounts, company updates, social initiatives, packaging product materials, packaging industry updates and sustainability. Our newsletter

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Printing for Packaging

Flexography is the most common process for printing in the production of folding cartons, labels, and packaging materials. The use of this process is on the rise because it is a relatively simple process, and it allows the use of water-based and vegetable-based inks. Using these types

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RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) is the most widely used corrugated box because it is the easiest to manufacture and has maximum versatility. It is also known as moving box, shipping box, or stock box. All the flaps are the same length, it is made with recycled materials

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As software is constantly updated and trends are always shifting, it is important to know where to find relevant resources for graphic design and photoshop tutorials. These tutorials are great resources to reference when working on your next box or retail packaging design. Here is

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Vitality floor display - Vancouver Sun Image

A couple days ago we shared a post on our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn profiles about our client, Vitality Vitamins and Supplements, being featured in a story in the Vancouver Sun. We are very happy to see success hitting our clients so we thought we would elaborate

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