Five panel folder boxes are great for many purposes. The width of two of the panels are equal to the depth of the box and the width of three panels are equal to the width of the box. The length of the end flaps can be half the width and depth of the box respectively, or
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With the holidays just around the corner we wanted to write a post that not only would be fun if you have children, but it is a sustainable option as a present before, or to deal with wastage after the holidays. The unwrapping and un-boxing of present is an exciting time
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Recently we worked with Hornby Island Energy Bars on their counter displays. Hornby Island Energy Bars is a fairly new company which offer both energy balls and their new energy bars. The displays were specifically made for the energy bars. They come in four different flavours: Gourmet Sesame, Sesame, Carob, and
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Celebrating in an Environmentally Conscious Manner
It is holiday season and here at ibox Packaging we love the holidays! We are very environmentally conscious with our operations, and in the spirit of the holidays we wanted to give a few tips on how to get ready for the festivities by celebrating in an environmentally conscious manner.
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In the packaging world we measure boxes in a specific way. Today we wanted to share with you our guidelines for box measurement. Box dimensions are always read in this sequence: Length, Width, Depth. The length is the LARGER of the two dimensions of the open face (flap opening); while
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