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A couple days ago we shared a post on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles about our client, Vitality Vitamins and Supplements, being featured in a story in the Vancouver Sun. We are very happy to see success hitting our clients so we thought we would elaborate on the post. Vitality,
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Not too long ago, we wrote a blog post explaining what corrugated cardboard is and the benefits of using it. It is a great material used for protection while shipping. However, in this blog post we will discuss the versatility of it, and how it is slowly becoming an innovative material
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According to Business Insider, it takes 7 seconds for consumers to make a quick judgement on quick information. For this reason, having attractive product packaging and product displays is very important. However, having attractive product packaging is important; but just like the product, logo and website, packaging is part of the brand identity. Therefore,
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Five panel folder boxes are great for many purposes. The width of two of the panels are equal to the depth of the box and the width of three panels are equal to the width of the box. The length of the end flaps can be half the width and depth of the box respectively, or
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With the holidays just around the corner we wanted to write a post that not only would be fun if you have children, but it is a sustainable option as a present before, or to deal with wastage after the holidays. The unwrapping and un-boxing of present is an exciting time
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