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Recently we had the opportunity to work with Enviro Glass Straw on their Retail Packaging. Enviro Glass Straw is a fairly new manufacturer located on Vancouver Island. All their straws are hand blown by the owner. By using glass straws, you are no longer putting your health at risk (BPA’s, phthalates,
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In the past, printing was limited to petroleum based inks. Petroleum based inks are harmful to the environment from their initial manufacturing, to their use while printing and the disposal of excess ink. The main measure for environmental impact is measured in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) released into the atmosphere during
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What is the importance of in-store marketing if the majority of people have a list of items before they enter the store? Did you know that 70 percent of consumers make their final buying decisions in-store? Now think about it, you enter the grocery store with a list in your hands (eggs,
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As we’ve stressed before, packaging design can heavily influence whether or not a consumer will pick up your product and carry  it into the checkout line. For that reason, we have compiled a list of who we think are the top agencies in Vancouver for packaging design.   1. Wasserman
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The key to successful packaging is choosing colours that make sense. In most cases, you will already have strong branding within your company; but when designing your packaging you must consider the meaning and perceptions of different colours and how to best use them with your custom packaging designs. BRIGHT COLOURS:
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