Branding and Packaging: A Link That Should Not Be Broken

Branding and Packaging: A Link That Should Not Be Broken


Because you have read our previous posts, you now know the importance of linking your branding with your packaging. There are many strengths and opportunities that derive from effective branding and packaging. However there could be threats and weaknesses if this link is broken. In this post we will discuss how packaging can be a good compliment to your branding. We will also discuss a few ways in which it may also hinder your brand.

Effective Branding and Packaging

Remember that when your product sits in the shelves at a store, it is being presented to the general public. Packaging is the first thing the consumer sees when they identify a need for your product. At this point your packaging is representing your company, the same way your brand does. It is important to have packaging that is “transparent.” What we mean by this is to have packaging that explains all the benefits your product offers, and list any hazards it may contain. In other words, you want your packaging to be honest.

Remember to brand your packaging. Once the consumer picks up your product, they have to know that they are buying from your company. Brand loyalty is a very strong ally that can boost sales for your company for years to come. Remember to design your packaging with your consumer in mind. If they are environmentally conscious, show them that you support the same initiative. Design packaging with environmentally friendly materials, and let them know about it. Ensure that your packaging shares your company values. There are many ways you can connect with your consumer through packaging. If you want your branding and packaging to have a positive impact with your consumer, you must understand who they are and what they like. Invest in research.

How Can Your Packaging Affect Your Brand Negatively?

What does your consumer think of your packaging? Has your packaging been serving the same demographic through a number of years? How has your target audience changed through out the last few years? All of these are questions you want to ask yourself to ensure you are catering to the right people.

There are a number of factors that can make your packaging hinder your branding. If your designed is perceived as outdated it may cause people to think that your brand is antiquated. Ensure that your packaging is design by packaging professionals. You don’t want your packaging to make consumers perceive your brand as cheap. Do not confuse your consumers. Remember transparency is important if you want to build trust with them.

Finally, the idea here is to make sure branding and packaging are working together in a positive way. At ibox packaging we have a team of packaging design professionals that can help connect the link between branding and packaging. For more information, or questions about retail packaging design or custom boxes please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.


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