Clever Retail Display Ideas to Boost Sales During the Holidays

Clever Retail Display Ideas to Boost Sales During the Holidays


The Christmas season is fast upon us. Retailers everywhere are implementing strategies to try and boost sales during the holidays. Many retailers are heavily dependent on the winter holiday season to drive a large portion of their yearly sales volume. In fact 74% of UK and US retailers still get about 20% of their yearly sales during the holidays. Additionally, despite large increases in online sales volumes, most sales still occur at the physical retail store level.  This is why strategies utilizing retail displays or other cardboard displays are still not only relevant but important. In fact the winter holiday season is probably the single most important time of the year where in store displays, of some form or another, are important to get right. But competition is fierce and everyone is competing for attention. Nonetheless there are many clever retail display ideas out there to boost sales during the holidays.

Take advantage of point of purchase lineups

With an increase in the number of in store shoppers there will undoubtedly by an increase in point of purchase wait times. Despite an increase in staff and the utilization of in store self serve checkout systems, shoppers will be waiting in long lineups. This presents an opportunity for POP displays and counter displays. When waiting in line shoppers will have a much longer time to take notice of any displays in the surrounding area. So try focusing more on displaying entertaining and informative branding content versus eye catching quick attention grabbing designs. Additionally, shoppers are looking for one main thing by the time they’ve reached the checkout counter, how to destress.  So are there design and content ideas you can come up with that can help shoppers to relax?

Use retail displays to attract future customers

Don’t forget, the holiday season also brings out large volumes of people who are attracted by the events, lights, and general festivities. The winter holiday season is a full experience for many people who enjoy being out with their families and walking through malls and other retail locations. This can present an excellent opportunity to increase sales throughout the year. In store displays can be used to offer coupons or deals for other times of the year. Or perhaps you can use a POP display to allow people to signup for a loyalty or rewards program. Utilizing the holidays and in store displays can be an excellent time to convert consumers into customers. The Holiday Season is an excellent time to not only sell more goods and services but it can also be a great time to attract future customers and smooth out the variability of seasonal sales volume.

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