When to Consider Revamping Your Packaging Strategy

When to Consider Revamping Your Packaging Strategy


Like the old saying goes “all good things come to an end” and unfortunately that is the case when it comes to packaging strategies. Luckily for some, packaging strategies can last for years; unfortunately for others, you could need to revamp your product packaging within only a few months. Here are a few key indicators that you will need to watch out for:

Your Competitors Just Switched Up Their Design

Competition is fierce in the retail environment. Your competitors are constantly looking for ways to steer consumers towards their products. If a competitor comes out with a new design and you notice you sales are beginning to drop, it is now time to look at redesigning your retail packaging. Another solution could be to use point of purchase of displays to pull your products of the shelf and in front of the consumer.

Your Target Market Has Evolved

Consumers wants and needs are constantly changing. If new research has been brought to your attention and it is clear that your consumers are interested in seeing new elements in your design or packaging, it’s time to get back to the drawing board. For example organic products with the an organic certification symbol is more likely to move more units.

Your Product has Entered Different Retail Chains, Markets

As your brand gains more traction and your distribution chain grows, new stores will begin to bring on your products. In a lot of cases your retail packaging could require a revamp based on a new potential consumer base. For example, if your product has been mostly sold at small markets but is now being considered for bigger retailers, you may need to update your overall packaging.

All in all packaging strategies are not a one time strategy. It is important to be constantly looking for improvements that can be made before your next packaging order. Small changes to your graphic can be quite affordable, and if they are timed with your next run production run they will not add extra cost. In turn small changes can lead to improvements in overall sales.

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