Corrugated Cardboard and Planter Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard and Planter Boxes


In this post we will discuss the flexibility and versatility of corrugated cardboard boxes. There are many common products made out of corrugated cardboard such as shipping boxes, retail packaging displays, moving boxes, and many more. To show how versatile it is, we will talk about about a promotional item we manufactured when we participated in the CHFA trade show. Here is a post about our time at the show: ibox Packaging and the CHFA Trade Show.


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The images above are from our promotional planter boxes. They are custom boxes made out of corrugated cardboard that carry some soil and chives seeds. There are many advantages about this material. It can be cut into almost any shape to create a box, it is inexpensive, it is sturdy during transportation, recyclable and made from recycled materials, and for this planter’s purpose it is biodegradable.

Corrugated cardboard is the perfect material for packaging, and it is greatly used in the industry. On top of the advantages mentioned earlier, it also has great printing capabilities. As you can see in the images we chose black ink to brand the box with the ibox Packaging logo, a few decorative graphics, and instruction on how to plant the seeds and grow the chives. Similarly to black ink, many colours transfer quite nicely into corrugated cardboard. A box can be a blank canvas which gives an opportunity to brand a shipping box, and advertise that brand through the many channels it travels through. Some people actually use corrugated cardboard boxes as retail packaging, depending on the product. They can transfer the ink directly to the cardboard, or print designs on a film and glue it on to it.

Furthermore, this material is great for designing promotional collateral packaging. Just as we did in the CHFA trade show, you could design a branded box where you can use to package your promotional products, or marketing collaterals. It is light, cost effective, and can look great and impress attendees at a trade show.

Finally, we gave some advantages of corrugated cardboard, and explained how it is a very versatile material that can be used for manufacturing all type of shipping boxes, it has great printing capabilities, and it can be used as retail packaging. We used our planter box to describe this versatility and showed its capabilities through images.

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