Counter Displays – Convenience, Versatility, Design

Counter Displays – Convenience, Versatility, Design


Recently we wrote about how beneficial it is to include retail displays in your retail marketing strategy. We thought it would be a good idea to expand on the topic and talk about benefits for specific types of displays. In this post we will discuss three main benefits of having counter displays in your retail display mix. Keep in mind that we always recommend having more than one type of display in your strategy to compliment each other.

Counter Displays and Convenience

Counter displays are a great way to spark impulse buying behaviour. By placing them strategically, you are introducing your product to the consumer at the point of purchase. These displays are great for products that do not require much research or thought when purchasing. Placing a counter display conveniently next to a complimentary product will help the chances of it being purchased. Not only do these display create convenience for your product at the store, but it is also convenient to package and transport.

Brand Awareness Benefits

A properly designed counter display will draw attention to your product and most importantly, to your brand. We recommend to have your display professionally designed to ensure it has positive impact on your consumer. A great design will always attract the attention of the buyer, it peaks peoples’ interest. Remember to always add value to your consumer. Enhance the benefits or main features of the product to ensure they know exactly what they are purchasing. Even if the customer does not pick up the product, they will always be reminded of your brand when they are checking out at a store. The product will be waiting for them conveniently for when they are ready to purchase it.

Versatility Is A Benefit

Customization is a huge benefit of these displays. You can design your displays to be cut so that they fit specific dimensions or shapes. The amount of design choices are extensive allowing which makes them, again, convenient.These are also easy to fold, store and assemble. Depending on your requirements they can be manufactured out recycled and recyclable material, or new materials. Having recycled and recyclable materials are a good way to maintain your effort in environmental responsibility.

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