Creating a 2nd Life for Your Cardboard Boxes

Creating a 2nd Life for Your Cardboard Boxes


Recycling is always a great option for cardboard boxes; but why not spark some creativity and put use to your used shipping boxes. There are hundreds of options to reuse your boxes before recycling them but we thought we would share our top four.


  1. Cardboard Shelving Units.

Save a few bucks and opt for this very cool shelving unit. It would look great in a art studio, crafts room, or playroom for kids. The beauty of this shelving unit idea is you can make it to any size and shape you dream up. Check out this WikiHow article: ‘How to Make a Cardboard Storage System’ for detailed images and instructions. If you like the idea but would like a more intricate design, contact us for a consultation and quote. We have made these types of shelves for our office in the past.


  1. Cardboard Fire Starter Sticks

If you like to camp especially in the wet seasons, starting your campfire can be quite a pain. Before you venture off out into the woods, cut up some pieces of cardboard into small sticks. Take the sticks and douse them in vaseline. Surprisingly Vaseline is quite flammable! We recommend bringing at least ten ½” x 8” sticks.


  1. Build a Fort for the Kids!

Some of our fondest memories of be an adolescent is building forts with our friends and family. The options are endless for what you can do with cardboard boxes, mailer tubes and packing tape. If you want to get really creative you can even install a full lighting system. Take a look on Pinterest for ideas.


  1. Gardening

There are so many interesting ways people have used cardboard packaging for their gardens. Some examples we’ve seen are cutting up the boxes to create compost. The cut up cardboard absorbs extra moisture and creates a better environment for plant growth. Another option we’ve seen is using pieces of cardboard to germinate seeds.


What do you do with your cardboard materials after you’ve used them? Do you have any creative ideas to share? Comment below!

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