Creative Counter Display Tips to Boost Revenue

Creative Counter Display Tips to Boost Revenue


Shoppers frequently buy products on a whim. Products that grab a customer’s attention can help you capitalize on that impulse buying behaviour. Designing creative counter displays can help boost revenue. Additionally, the more creative and interesting your display is; the more likely you will help the store’s image and the more likely the store manager will place your display in a prominent location. There are a number of simple tips and tricks that can be employed and used to help you design a creative display that will be sure to grab a customer’s attention. One of these ideas is seasonality.

Customize Counter Display Designs for the Seasons and the Community

Designing displays for seasonality does not mean you must be selling summer apparel or winter skis. It’s a matter of bridging that connection between the season and your product in a creative way. For example, think about how Coca Cola uses ingenious marketing to inspire optimism and happiness. Of course you don’t need a large team of marketing and design experts to develop a deep emotional message. It can be as simple as using bold lettering with the words Happy Holidays. But you don’t have to stop there. In addition to seasonality you may want to try and connect with your customers at the local community level.

How about designing a custom counter display that connects your product to a local festival or a sporting event. If your a local small business this can help you gain a competitive advantage by demonstrating a connection to the community. Many customers place a high value on supporting local companies.

More Revenue Boosting Tips

Design outside the box – Designing a retail display in the shape of a box is the standard solution but designing a display with moving parts such as a counter spinner can have a much greater impact.

Bright colors – The brighter the colors the more likely your display will be noticed.

Matching your demographic and store – Designing a display with bright yellow colors may work in some markets and store locations but if you’re trying to design for an upscale market this may not work. Countertop displays that are designed to appeal to bargain shoppers in an upscale neighborhood will have the opposite effect.

The right color palette – Understanding color psychology will help you convey the right message to the right shopper. For example gold colors can convey luxury while the color blue can convey trust and honesty.

For more inspiration check out these designs.

The next time you design a display try and consider these revenue boosting ideas. Think about ideas that will connect your business to your community. Additionally, think about the demographic and if the design is appropriate to the demographic and the neighbourhood you’re attempting to appeal to. To read more about point of sale displays check out this article.

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