Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


We are quickly approaching the final days before many of us will be scrambling to put some gifts under the tree. For us, it goes beyond just the gift. We love packaging and putting extra touches into our overall presentation. We took some time to research what others around the web do to creatively gift wrap their presents. Here is our top 5 ‘Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas’.

Clemente Giusto’s Rectangular Box

Clemente Giusto’s is an Italian origami designer that has recently been discovered and featured around the world. This origami rectangular box wrap is almost too pretty to watch someone tear apart. But like most packaging – it’s temporary. Wipe those tears away and enjoy watching your friends and family’s eyes light up when they see how amazing this looks! For full details and guided instructions visit ‘Creative Creasing’s‘. They are a dedicated origami blog with some pretty interesting designs.

Gift Topper Ideas
(via The House that Lars Built)

Here’s for thinking ‘outside of the box’, Brittany Watson Jepsen, creator of ‘The House that Lars Built’, blog created some pretty cool ‘Gift Toppers’. Jepsen in collaboration with her friend Kate Zaremba created these perfect gifts. Zaremba is responsible for the incredible gift wrap. Jepsen has also provided illustrations on how she made the toppers here on her blog post: 5 Gift Topper Ideas.

Magazine Wrapping Paper

This is one of my go to wrapping methods. I generally try to find used magazines that I am close to putting in the recycle bin. The great thing about using magazines is that you can personalize it to the receiver by finding items that they enjoy. As many of my friends love art and fashion, I usually will use Acne Magazine as it has large format prints of art and fashion.

DIY Paint Splatter Wrapping Paper
(via Song of Style)

Pick up a roll of kraft wrapping paper and check out this step-by-step guide to making your own paint splatter wrapping paper from Song of Style. Not only will this wrapping paper impress your friends and family, it will give you a chance to find your inner Jackson Pollock.

Custom Pom Pom’s
(via 645 Workshop)

Ditch the plastic bows this christmas and pick up a ball of yarn! These pom pom’s are not only very adorable but they are easier on the environment. If you make enough of them, string them up after christmas and use them as a decoration in your house. You can learn more about how to make these on 645 Workshops blog.

If you have any trouble trying to replicate these ideas, you’re not alone. DIY isn’t always as easy as the images you find on Pinterest look. Take a look at ‘17 Pinterest Fails‘ on the Buzzfeed for a good laugh! The key is to try a few ideas and keep trying until you get it right.

Do you have an idea that we didn’t catch? Share your ideas with us below. We would love to hear about them!

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