Custom Boxes as an Effective Packaging Option

Custom Boxes as an Effective Packaging Option


At ibox Packaging we pride ourselves in being problem solvers for whatever your packaging need might be. We offer a variety of products ranging from retail packaging and pop displays, shipping products, and stock and custom boxes. However, we do more than provide our products. We work together with our clients to ensure they have a positive experience and their needs are always satisfied. In this post we will showcase one of our main services by discussing the importance and advantages of working with custom boxes.

Custom Boxes Advantages

First, let’s start with advantages of using cardboard boxes. They are really light in weight which makes them easy to handle during loading and unloading shipments. The materials used in manufacturing them is inexpensive, which in turn make the product quite affordable. Also our cardboard is made with recycled materials and it is recyclable which makes them environmentally friendly. One thing to keep in mind is that corrugated cardboard is a great material for shipping most products, however, for transporting extremely heavy items, careful planning should be taken into consideration as this could not be the best option.

In terms of design, custom boxes have great graphics and printing capabilities. This allows the client to market their product starting from the point of shipment. It also allows for designs and branding elements to be printed on to the box, which helps create brand awareness. Custom boxes can be designed and cut in any shape or size. There are a lot of creative room when designing the shapes of boxes to separate yourself from your competitor. However, remember that the actual box serves an important role which is to protect the product from damage.

Because we are discussing custom boxes, it is only fair to mention retail packaging. We manufacture boxes specifically made to stand out in retail stores’ isles. Similarly to corrugated custom boxes, these boxes can be die-cut into any shape and size. We use different materials such as:

  • SBS which is a pure white virgin paperboard
  • Chipboard, a brown recycled paperboard with no finish
  • CCNB, a recycled paperboard with a bright white finish on one side and brown finish on the other
  • E flute corrugated fluted corrugated material. This material is available in white, kraft or black

For more information, or questions about custom cardboard boxes or retail packaging please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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