Custom Cardboard Boxes and Their Versatility

Custom Cardboard Boxes and Their Versatility


As you may know, we write weekly posts that talk about a variety packaging related issues, products, or informational pieces. For this week’s post we will reiterate the importance of having a product delivered to the customer in perfect condition, by touching on the versatility of custom cardboard boxes.

How Versatile are Custom Cardboard Boxes?

The name itself explains the main point we are trying to make when we talk about versatility. These boxes are custom made to fit any need the customer desires. A lot of times shipping boxes come in standard sizes which could be inappropriate for certain orders. What we mean, is some orders might not fill up the entire box, leaving room inside the box, causing items inside to shift during transport. A custom box designed with specific dimensions to cater to a specific order will ensure that the entire amount of product is fitted in a custom cardboard box. By doing this, you will minimize shifting during transport, minimizing damage at the same time.

Another way to take advantage of custom cardboard boxes, is that they could be customized aesthetically as well. Having images in your box will advertise your brand while the box is on transit, and one it hits its destination. Remember that having exposure through every channel is very important in solidifying a brand. A lot of times people that work in the transportation chain for your product, might be part of your target audience. So, by having a custom cardboard box with a simple, yet elegant, design might spark attention to the person handling your order. Moreover, you can display important information of ways to handle the shipment. You could also display the company’s contact information. Things such as the company website, the telephone number, information on how to order again, are a few items that can be displayed in your custom cardboard box. By doing this, you are maximizing the functionality of your box.

The main objective of shipping a product, is to have it arrive to its destination, undamaged and on time. However, there are ways of maximizing the functionality of a shipping box. Not only is you product protected during transit, but it is serving a purpose that may help your brand stand out form your competitors. Your custom box is adding value to your brand.For more information, or questions about custom cardboard boxes or shipping supplies please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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