Custom Packaging and Customer Experience

Custom Packaging and Customer Experience


When we look at custom packaging we have to consider its many advantages on top of its functionality to protect a product. It is not only a box where the product travels from manufacturer, to retailer, to consumer. Great packaging serves many purposes as it represents the company and the brand. In this post we look at some of the elements that makes custom packaging such an important part of a company’s retail strategy.

The Box and Presentation

As we mentioned before in an earlier post titled Retail Packaging as a Marketing Channel, the box itself is a canvas for great design. It is where a company has the opportunity to persuade its customers to choose its product over of its competitor’s. Things to consider are graphics, colour, typography and the box itself. Having a custom box that is designed with creativity might enhance the desire of a customer to try a new product. If your box looks different than every other product’s within that product category, there is a good chance that it will catch the consumer’s attention. In reality, you have seconds to catch the attention of an individual in a retail store, and this might help with that.

Packaging and Customer Experience

Again, we have written about enhancing a customer’s experience through eCommerce packaging, but it should apply in all forms of packaging. If you are selling a higher-end product like premium chocolate bars, or electronics, or fashion accessories, to name a few, there is more to packaging than just the box. If an individual chooses to pay a higher price for a certain product, not only the product should meet expectations, but its presentation should exceed them. A few elements that might help add value are:

– Tissue paper – not only does wrapping a product in paper adds an element of elegance to the package, but it also adds an element of mystery and excitement.

– Promotional materials and notes – A good strategy here is to add a note thanking the customer for the purchase, and offering a small discount on the next purchase. It is a classy touch and might help create loyalty.

At the end of the day the idea is to make your packaging talk for itself. It is a way of advertising not only the product, but your brand as well. Your product might go through many hands before it reaches the final user. Having your packaging advertise through all these channel might help create word of mouth and get new potential customers. Custom packaging facilitates this as it helps a product stand out.

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