Custom Packaging – A look At A Few Of Many Benefits

Custom Packaging – A look At A Few Of Many Benefits


Custom packaging is not new to the industry. In fact, it has been available for many years. The reason why custom boxes are such a popular choice when it comes to packaging, is because of its benefits. Similarly to stock boxes, these type of packaging can be used for shipping, storing, and in some case it can also be used as retail packaging. In this post we will elaborate on a few of the many benefits of using custom packaging. Include custom packaging as part of your packaging strategy for your business.

Custom Packaging And Being Unique

As its name states it, custom packaging has the ability of separating your brand form others. Customizing a box allows you to alter its design, graphics, and dimensions. This allows customization to fit with your brand and specifications. You can print directly on the box which allows you to brand your shipping boxes, differentiating them from others that use traditional boxes. Branding your boxes can also give you a form of free advertising during the shipping cycle. When your box is passed from a place to another, your logo and graphics design is viewed by many people throughout the cycle. If it is properly designed and attractive to consumers it catches the eye of people who lie under your target audience.

Custom Packaging Sizes and Dimensions

In addition of graphics and printing capabilities, custom boxes can also be designed to fit any dimensions and various shapes. Not all boxes are “one size fits all.” In fact, customizing the size of your shipping boxes is very beneficial and cost effective. If a box is too big for your products, it will cause your product to shift during transport. Adding additional material to help avoid this shift is really smart, but it is an extra cost. Having a custom box design to your specifications will help you add protection to your shipment.

Custom Packaging Adds Value And Customer Perception

Having branding, and a customized box shows your consumer that you care about your product. Not only that, it shows that you care about them. Attractive packaging attract consumers. If consumers become advocates of your design and your product, they will purchase it. Additionally, will it add value to consumers, but it can add value to retailers. Having a positive image with your retailers my result in better in store placement.

Custom packaging has many benefits and is a great idea to include it in your packaging strategy. For more information, or questions about custom packaging, or  retail packaging design please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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