Custom Packaging Tips for Entrepreneurs

Custom Packaging Tips for Entrepreneurs


How many people know a friend, a colleague, or family member who has decided to quit their job or has, as a hobby, decided to start a self care products business? With the power of the the internet more and more people have attempted to start little businesses on the side to either supplement their income or even go all in and quit their job. Some examples of what we are referring to in this article are things like selling bars of soap, men’s grooming products, or skin care and lotions. Generally speaking these type of business have a number of things in common which make them appealing to the average person. These types of businesses have lower to medium upfront costs, are product focused, are shippable across the world, and do not require specialized knowledge. Apart from these common attributes, another common element linking these businesses together is the need for custom packaging and or custom boxes. To help entrepreneurs tackle one of the most crucial parts of developing their business we discuss custom packaging ideas for entrepreneurs.

Custom Soap Packaging Tips

Soap making has exploded over the last few years. Soap making classes can be found in most major cities. And if you can’t find a class nearby there are online courses offering tutorials on how to make that first bar of soap. Starting a soap business is no easy task. Selling soap, like selling other self care products, requires much attentions in terms of branding and design. One of the most crucial aspects in developing your business is having the right custom packaging. And there are no shortage of design ideas out. There are infinite possibilities. Take a look at all these possible ideas for examples, or these, there are so many different design directions to choose from.

How to Create the Right packaging

The process of choosing the right design isn’t easy. Choosing the right custom packaging design is a process not to be taken lightly. One of the crucial aspects for many entrepreneurs is having enough understanding in the complexities of a good design to know that they may not be the right person for the job. Balancing out colors, font sizing, and branding feel takes practice and a keen eye. Slapping together a few colors and some fonts is much more difficult than it appears and can lead to a confusing and awkward looking box design. Therefore it is crucial that you invest in a good designer with knowledge in product packaging.

Apart from a well thought out design don’t forget about sustainability. One of the best things about starting a small self care products business is that it’s easier than ever to make your product sustainable. Sustainable packaging will score you a lot of points in the eyes of the consumer.

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