Die Cutting for Custom Packaging Explained

Die Cutting for Custom Packaging Explained


At ibox Packaging we use dies to die cut our boxes to specific shapes when creating custom packaging. Dies, like molds, are shaped so that they can be used to cut out the specific shape of the item. Therefore, die cutting is basically using customized dies on the press to create customized boxes. This a common practice for retail packaging projects, as clients want to have original designs to showcase their products.

Once a die is created it can be used countless times on the press to create boxes. Some companies choose to purchase their own dies for orders they plan to make on an ongoing basis.

We have stock dies and make custom ones depending on the customer’s needs.

To explain how a die cut machine works here is a video we  found on YouTube explaining this process. *Please note that this is not our plant*

Stay tuned as we will be posting a video of our cutting machine.

For any questions or requests about custom packaging, retail packaging or the die cut process please contact us.

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