Folding Carton And Creating Beautiful Retail Packaging

Folding Carton And Creating Beautiful Retail Packaging


As you all know, we have written numerous posts about retail packaging. We have written about the importance of proper design, tips for designing, and informed you of trends, amongst others. Retail packaging is extremely important and contributes to the sale of a product. It is what attracts the consumer to what you are selling. In this post we look at a type of material that is perfect for creating retail packaging. Folding carton will not only help promote your product, it will help protect it. Remember, packaging by nature, should protect the product from damage.

Folding Carton And Its Functionality as Retail Packaging

Similarly to any business decision, choosing the material for your retail packaging requires careful planning. Study whether the material offers enough protection to your product. Think about the printing functionality of the material. Ask if ink transfers easily onto the material. Remember that this material will act as a canvas for you to present the benefits of both your brand and product to the consumer. Is the material environmentally friendly? Remember that the box design is meant to be easily presented in the store.

This type of material  is a great option when planning and designing retail packaging. It offers many functionalities and answers many questions like the ones asked above. Consider folding carton for your next retail package design.

Types of Folding Carton

This type of carton is great for packaging your product and selling them in the stores. Because of its name, this type of carton folds in different ways to create different styles. Here are a few styles that are popular when designing product packaging:

  • Sleeves are open ended boxes that slide easily onto the product or other containers. Choose sleeves for creating slick and sophisticated designs.
  • Hanger boxes. Not every product is meant to be displayed by stacking it on a shelf. Choose this style and present your product in racks. Some of these boxes designs can be both stacked in shelves and hung in racks. As a result, this gives the retailer more options to display your product.
  • Straight tuck end boxes is one of the most popular style of boxes. They open from any end allowing the consumer to access the product easier. These boxes are very versatile and popular in different industries such as cosmetics and snacks.

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