Fun and Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Fun and Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard is more versatile than you may have initially thought. Corrugated cardboard (the boxes with the little flutes) is also an incredibly popular packaging material. Let’s just say, we make and use A LOT of the stuff! While most of our cardboard goes straight into the recycling bin after unboxing, there are a ton of fun things to do with a plain ol’ cardboard box once it’s served its initial purpose. So before you go tossing that Amazon package into your tried and true blue box, scroll through our ideas on how to give that box a second life. 

1. Compost for your plant babies 

Did you know that corrugated cardboard has high levels of carbon, an ingredient necessary for effective composting? Well, here’s the news, it does! Corrugated cardboard makes great compost. Simply clean the cardboard, rip it up into strips, and mix into your compost as brown matter. 

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2. Starter-garden box

Like we’ve stated above, cardboard makes a great compost material. Cardboard is highly biodegradable and can make an excellent garden box. If you’ve got an itty-bitty box, consider filling it with soil, planting some seeds, and leaving it in a window sill (with a plate underneath). When the seeds start to bud, transfer the entire thing outside and plant that baby right in the soil! You can fill a large box with soil and plant it right into the ground. The box itself can help protect your plant babies from the elements and feign off weeds. Don’t worry about taking the box out when your plants have flourished as it quickly degrades and can help create a more nutrient-rich soil. 

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3. DIY laptop stands 

Not much for the outdoors? Cardboard can also be repurposed to prop up your laptop! 

Check out the step-by-step instructions here:

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4. Forts for kids (or adults if you’re into that kind of thing) 

I remember as a kid getting hyped whenever my parents bought something packaged in a large cardboard box (think refrigerator big). Ignite your child’s imagination (or inner child) by cutting out windows, connecting multiple boxes, painting and decorating the outside, and maybe sticking some pillows and cushions inside for a mellow hang out spot. Click here for some fun fort ideas:

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5. Costumes for Halloween 

There are seemingly boundless possibilities when it comes to reworking your cardboard box into a costume. Ranging anywhere from robots, dice, Barbie in a box, and lego, the possibilities are endless! Head here for more inspo:

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