Holiday Packaging – Preparing For The Merriest Of Seasons

Holiday Packaging – Preparing For The Merriest Of Seasons


The holidays are around the corner, and it is an exciting time for most people. It is a season for kindness, reflection, hope, and forgiveness. It is the season of giving. We completely agree and understand the meaning of this time of the year, but also understand the positive impact it brings to businesses. Whether you are shipping gifts to family abroad, shipping to your customer, or packaging for the holidays, holiday packaging makes for an exciting time in our industry. In this post we will give tips on how to use shipping boxes, mailer boxes, and retail packaging effectively during the holidays.

Shipping Boxes And The Holidays

A good way to incorporate holiday packaging with the season, is by shipping presents to your loved ones abroad. Remember that packing with care and maximizing the space is the key when using these types of boxes. If you bought a box that is too big for your package, fill it up with news paper, or craft paper in order to ensure your package does not shift during transportation. Another great way to use a shipping box, is to collect non-perishable foods, and send it over to the food bank. These boxes are very durable and can handle large quantities of products, depending on size.

Holiday Packaging and Mailer Boxes

If you are in the e-Commerce industry and are catering directly to the consumer, mailer boxes could be a great alternative to your packaging. These boxes are easy to customize, and are sophisticated enough to package and ship your product. Ensure to incorporate your branding in your design, and add a holiday theme to connect with the season. Holiday packaging elements for design can be the colours that you use, the traditional images of the season, a specific type of font, or the shape of the box itself. Play with your design and add value to your customer. In the end, they will appreciate the effort you put into it.

Holiday Retail Packaging

Similarly to our advice for mailer boxes, adding holiday themes to your retail packaging will help your brand stay relevant. Holiday packaging is recognized by many consumers and a lot of the time it is demanded. It is a way to say that you understand importance of the season, and adapted to it. If your research shows that your consumer is an advocate of the holidays, by all means, have a holiday packaging strategy in play. Again, use holiday packaging elements for your design.

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