How to Create Personalized Packaging

How to Create Personalized Packaging


Personalized packaging is a rising trend in the packaging market.  Personalization is helping brands build trust and a connection with their customers. Here are some examples of personalized packaging and why you should consider it for your packaging strategy.

Imagine receiving a package wrapped in gold tissue paper with a letter addressed to you by the sender or even the company’s CEO.  Now imagine if you received that same package but this time it was thrown together in a plain box with no personalization added at all.  Which would you prefer and which would you recommend to your friends and family? Most people would go with the customized option as it exudes memorability. It also portrays the look and feel of luxury.  People love giving and receiving personalized gifts as it makes them feel special. These are the reasons that many top companies around the world are investing in personalized packaging.

Examples of Personalized Packaging

We all remember when Coca-Cola did just this with its ShareACoke campaign.  They introduced personalized bottles with individual first names on them. This encouraged consumers to find the bottles with their names on it or to share a coke with a friend (with their name on it).   This proved to be very successful for Coca-Cola in refreshing its brand image as well as increasing sales of both Coke and Diet-Coke.  

Then there was the case of the Toblerone chocolate bar.  On Valentine’s Day in 2018, Toblerone came out with their same chocolate bar that included customization of your significant other’s name, or both names of the couple on the packaging of the bar.  This version of the candy bar was priced at $14. That was a significant increase as the price it is usually sold for is $2. This didn’t seem to slow sales down any as Toblerone reported only an increase of product flying off the shelves and no decrease to their existing sales whatsoever.   This goes to prove that consumers will pay a premium for personalized gifts, packaging and uniqueness. 

Heinz has also come up with a way to personalize its packaging by having it also act like a greeting card.  They are promoting their customers to “share a soup” with a sick friend or loved one. They have done this by including a “get well soon (name)” message on the can itself.  The fill in the blank is with random names. This is also encouraging customers to find the can with the actual name on it that they require. This is an example of actionable customized packaging.

Why it Works

The reason that customized packaging works so well is that it makes products seem more exclusive and novelty.  From a marketing perspective, it is creating more opportunities for consumers to share your products on all of the social media channels.  Not only that but it is showing customers that you understand their interests and needs which is leading to a significant amount of brand loyalty that cannot be reproduced.     

With the rise in saturation in every market, why wouldn’t you want to set yourself apart from your competition?  By making a memorable experience for the consumer, you are in turn creating a loyal consumer to your brand. There are many opportunities for your product and its packaging to be featured on social media and shared across many platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  We believe it’s time for businesses to get creative and more personal with the consumer when it comes to strategic packaging and getting results.

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