ibox Packaging and Ballot Boxes

ibox Packaging and Ballot Boxes


When people think of ballot boxes, the first thing that comes to mind is an election. Whether it is a political election, or a contest where the winner is decided by votes or at random, these boxes are a popular choice when it comes to storing the entries.. However, there is more to ballot boxes than elections. It could be a powerful tool in marketing tactics. In this blog post we will explain how ballot boxes could help a company obtain potential leads and customers.

Ballot Boxes and Marketing

There are many tactics used in promotional marketing. A few of these are product premiums, contests and sweepstakes, events, and cause marketing amongst many others. Ballot boxes could play a big part in some of these tactics, if used properly. Take for example contests and sweepstakes. These boxes are perfect for when people want to enter a contest or sweepstake where the winner is selected randomly. It is important to have the appropriate instructions, rules, and entry forms next to the box so that the contestant can fill it up and submit the entry. A good idea is to make it easy for the contestant to enter the contest or sweepstake. This tactic is great for companies that want to build lists. Whether it is a eNewsletter list or a contact list.

Another marketing tactic where ballot boxes are commonly used are events. If your company is having a trade show it is a good idea to have some sort of incentive, where a potential customer gives you information for the chance to win something. Trade shows are great because you are engaging with people who are directly involved with your product or industry, and have a strong interest in them.

Similarly to floor displays and counter displays, ballot boxes should be placed strategically so that the consumer notices it, and engages. It goes without saying that there has to be a benefit to the consumer. Whatever your price or incentive is, it has to be of value to consumers so that they decide to participate. The best way to persuade consumers to look at your ballot box, and decide to get informed on what is in it for them, is to properly design and brand your box. Much like retail packaging, having attractive graphics, properly selected typography and persuasive copy will increase the chance of your box being noticed. Also, think about the size of the box. Is it going to be sitting in a counter, or standing on its own. If there is a thing companies are competing for in retail stores, is space. Like we mentioned earlier, choose your placement in a strategic manner, consider the size, and design so that it catches the attention of the potential consumer walking by.

ibox Packaging manufactures stock and custom options to meet your needs. For more information, or questions about ballot boxes or retail displays, such as floor displays and counter displays please contact us. Also, sign up to our newsletter for more information, company updates, price specials, and more.

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