ibox Packaging – Holiday Packaging Ideas

ibox Packaging – Holiday Packaging Ideas


November is in full force and time seems to be flying. First comes Remembrance Day, and then one of the most special seasons for packaging: The Holidays! Companies have already started to adapt to the holiday season by changing their packaging and designs. For example, if you noticed this week, Starbucks started selling coffee in its red cups, a cup only available during the holiday season. Having a holiday packaging strategy might help boost your sales as there are a lot of people influenced by this special time of the year. In this post we will give some ideas on how to prepare for the holiday season.

Holiday Packaging Design

Redesigning your packaging could be a risky idea, unless it is proven that a fresh look will help you increase sales and reinvigorate your brand. However, adapting your strategy to follow popular holidays might spark interest in potential consumers. It is a good idea to have a professionally designed package hit the shelves when the season is about to start. In general, people are very fond of holidays, and adapting could influence their buying behaviour.

Holiday Packaging and Retail Displays

On top of redesigning your retail packaging, a good idea is to invest in retail displays. Of course, you want to design your displays so that they are relevant to whatever season you are entering. There are some great designs for Christmas displays, whether they are floor displays or counter displays. If your product sells in a grocery store, competing for shelf space might be a hard thing to do, and having displays might help solve this issue. As we mentioned in previous posts, having displays placed strategically in a retail store might help increase your sales by influencing the consumer at the point of purchase. At ibox Packaging we manufacture stock and custom retail display options to fit your holiday packaging strategy.

Holiday Packaging and Sustainability

As important as it is to adapt to the holiday season through packaging, it is important to keep in mind how will your strategy affect the environment. There are various ways to have holiday packaging strategies in a sustainable way. One of the things to consider is the material. Having materials that are easy to dispose of in a sustainable way might help influence consumers to purchase as they are more educated and concerned about the environment. Manufacturing with recycled materials and having materials that are recyclable, are options to consider when preparing for the holiday season. Another idea could be to brand your packaging with holiday season’s graphics, but using less packaging. It may be a strategy that is sustainable and could be cost effective for your company.

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