Kraft Corrugated Boxes – An Excellent Packaging Solution

Kraft Corrugated Boxes – An Excellent Packaging Solution


As we have explained in previous posts, packaging design is a practice that requires strategy and careful planning. There are many different materials to choose form, and different elements to consider. A very common type of box that may be a bit under rated in retail packaging are the kraft corrugated/ cardboard boxes. In this post we will discuss its advantages and why it is a great option for packaging your products. Because of the material itself, we will dig into design options, sustainability and customer perception.

Kraft Corrugated Boxes and Packaging Design

People may think that the design options for this material are limited. However, we have found that the design capabilities are quite extensive. The first thing to consider is to utilize the actual untreated colour of the box in the design. This brown, raw colour, in fact, is a great colour to utilize as a canvas. Incorporating the colour to the design will give the design a natural, organic feel, as well as a minimalist elegant feel. Mind you, to be able to achieve these positive perceptions, the design must be professionally executed.

An advantage of kraft corrugated boxes is that ink transfers really well to the material. However, it is important to choose the appropriate number of colours to be printed on the box, that will represent your brand positively. The most successful designs we have seen tend to limit the number of colours to two or three. Again, by having simple, minimal, designs, you will create an illusion of elegance. Remember, the key is choosing the right colours, while keeping in mind how effectively these colours match with the brown colour of the box.

The Sustainability in Corrugated Packaging

Kraft corrugated boxes, in general, are made with recycled material. A lot of these boxes have a combination of recycled cardboard and new materials, while others are made 100% of recycled materials. The other sustainable advantage of using this material, is that it is 100% recyclable and it is biodegradable. To some people, recycling or composting these boxes might come as a natural practice. However, we always recommend explaining how to properly dispose of the boxes.

Having well designed, elegant retail packaging is crucial to the success of a product sale. Adding sustainable value to these designs, such as material disposals or the use of vegetable based inks, will create a positive image for your brand.

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