Minimizing Shipping and Logistics Costs Through Packaging and Design

Minimizing Shipping and Logistics Costs Through Packaging and Design


Thinking about minimizing costs often involves thinking about cheaper, affordable materials. This is not always the case if it means sacrificing quality to save a few bucks. Companies today are looking at more creative ways to eliminate unnecessary costs while ensuring that the quality of both your product and its packaging is preserved.

Here are a few tips to help minimize shipping and logistic costs through packaging design:

Less bulk, more savings: Bulky shipping methods not only create extra waste, they tend to be heavier, take up more space and thus increasing shipping costs. Investing in the right sized, custom boxes that fits your specific product like a glove can trim down some of that bulk.

Thinking about prioritizing sustainability: More and more consumers are environmentally conscious and look for companies the invest in sustainable options. While investing in quality, non virgin, packaging materials can seem like a larger upfront cost, it can also mean more sales. In reality, recycled and recyclable materials are incredibly common and often less expensive than their counterparts. Overall, prioritizing using recyclable, greener materials is a win-win-win; for cost, sales and the environment.

Doing some damage control: The main function of shipping boxes and packaging is to protect your product against possible damage incurred during transport. The scenario? Your product is out for shipment and is damages somewhere between the manufacturer and its final destination. The consequence? An unhappy customer, possibly not likely to repeat, as well as costly return, exchange or refund. Therefore, packaging material becomes a huge factor when thinking about long term savings. Corrugated cardboard is the most commonly used box for shipping as it contains flutes which provide an extra protective layer. This fluting, coupled with a well fitted, custom insert will help protect your product from any foreseeable damage.

Necessary or unnecessary: When researching and developing shipping strategies; you should be constantly evaluating hierarchies of necessities. Factors to consider: the amount of print on your boxes – is it based on aesthetics or communicating vital information? Size and shape of the box; is it easy to handle and transport? Rethinking how much you need; it is often more cost effective to buy boxes to fit your needs right now as opposed to over-buying.

Cost effective strategies can make or break your business. It is important to do your research and consult with professionals that you have a relationship and you can trust! For honest and reliable information on custom boxes or shipping, give us a shout!

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