How One Business Used Well Designed Custom Boxes to Build a Business

How One Business Used Well Designed Custom Boxes to Build a Business


Building a business from scratch is hard work. It takes a significant investment in time and money, and having a great product is key to success. However, many businesses have great products and still fail. And many businesses have less than average products and services but still manage to generate thriving sales. In this post we examine how one business found success with the help of well designed custom boxes to build a soap company.

What are the key elements needed to build a successful business

What exactly are the ingredients necessary to build a thriving business? That of course is the million dollar question. However, there are some obvious elements that will increase the probability of your business succeeding. Hard work and tenacity are two of these elements. Very few people would argue otherwise. But there is one element in particular that can propel a business forward despite having an average product, or a weak business plan, and that is marketing. Clever marketing and branding have helped to build companies out of the most unlikely ideas. For example take Fiji Water, what exactly is special about this product? Does is taste better? Is it healthier than other brands of water? Could you tell the difference between Fiji water and other bottled water? The answer to these questions is, unlikely. But clever marketing and branding has made this brand of water very successful.

How to build a soap company

As explained above it’s quite possible to build a business selling an average product with clever marketing. There are hundreds of companies selling soap, or at least trying to. The barriers to entry are not incredibly high. The investment needed to start does not require millions of dollars. So how does one compete in the soap market? Even if your soap is slightly better than average there’s a great deal of competition. One company, who we will call super soap (prefers to remain nameless), invested in a talented designer to help stand out from the competition. The objective was simple: if you placed ten other brands of soap next to super soap the packaging had to be good enough that most people would choose super soap over the competition. By making use of clever packaging super soap was able to compete on marketing alone. The company didn’t stop there. It had also designed attractive cardboard displays that were placed in various retail stores. Customers took notice of these point of purchase displays and sales began to grow.

It’s not easy building a business but if your product has significant competition then investing heavily in marketing and branding can help boost sales. Creating well design custom boxes is key.

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