Our DIY Series: The Best of Packaging Design Books

Our DIY Series: The Best of Packaging Design Books


Think about your last trip to the grocery store, do you remember that bottle of olive oil? The one with the delectable looking label, nothing else like it? Or what about those biscuits? The ones in the box that looked special, like you would plan your whole night around the experience of consuming those biscuits. Packaging design is an art and can transform a product from something you look past, to something you can’t live without.  We’ve compiled a list of packaging design books we love to help your entrepreneurial self navigate the abundant world of resources. Enjoy!   

Sometimes conceptualizing unique designs to showcase your product can feel daunting. However, packaging design can be exciting and inspirational. In true #DIY fashion, lots of folks look to attainable resources to help guide and execute their design vision.   

Our Favourite Packaging Design Books:

  1. Packaging Essentials: 100 Design Principles for Creating Packages 

Packaging Essentials guides you through 100 principles of packaging design from research, to planning and execution. This book utilizes tons of visual resources aimed to assist the most novice to advanced designers. Find out more about it here. 

100 packaging design principles

  1. The Package Design Book 

Compiling hundreds of works from Pentaward winners, the Package Design Book showcases the method behind industry leading designs. The Pentawards celebrates the underrated art of packaging design by recognizing the most influential and groundbreaking brands in the industry. Chalk-full of images and descriptions, this book provides readers with serious packaging design #inspo. Check out more about the Pentawards and the Package Design Book here. 

packaging design
  1. The Package Design Workbook: The Art and Science of Successful Packaging 

Consider this the bible of workbooks. Use the Packaging Design Workbook to help you through the processes behind selecting format, materials, and finishes. It also uses case studies to exemplify specific design process as well as the type of effect the design had on consumers. Read more about it here.

packaging workbook
  1. Structural Packaging: Design your own boxes and 3D forms 

Structural Packaging provides readers with technical knowledge surrounding the creation of custom 3D packaging. Get it here.     

Structural packaging design book

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