Our Favourite Tutorials for Packaging and Graphic Design

Our Favourite Tutorials for Packaging and Graphic Design


Whether you are designing packaging, branding, logos, or for screens, the beginning of the process can feel overwhelming. The use of the Adobe Creative Suite for graphic design is the universal language for artists and designers. These programs can feel infinite, and applying your vision can feel like an insurmountable task (we’ve been there!). We’ve compiled a couple of online tutorials that help bring your design to life. So whether you are plotting out your next custom box design, retail display, website image, or logo, check out some of our favourite tutorials below: 

  1. How to Make Dielines in Adobe Illustrator

Dielines are perhaps the most important part of designing packaging. This should be the first thing you set up when you are starting to design any type of packaging, envelope, box, or folder. A dieline indicates where your project will be cut, folded or perforated when it is sent to print. Check out a simplified explanation and tutorial here: creativepro.com

Image source: creativepro.com

  1. How to Make Icons 

With most companies having a strong social media presence, icons have become a staple in packaging design. Think of how many times you’ve spotted a tiny Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest icon with the corresponding company accounts beside them. Think of how many times you’ve noticed a little email or phone icon on a package or business card. These icons create a visual guide for customers to be able to reach out to you on digital platforms. Click here for a tutorial on how to create your own icons. 

Image source: design.tutsplus.com 

  1. How to Resize an Image in Photoshop

Resizing images is an important skill for all designers. You want to make sure any image you are using in any design maintains it’s clear quality. None of that pixelated stuff! Check out this handy tutorial here.

Image source: creativebloq.com 

  1. Create Your Own Pattern Swatch in Illustrator

Patterns are a really fun, creative way to embolden your project and really bring it to life (it’s one of our favourite tricks). Using Illustrator, it is surprisingly easy too! Here is a simple, step-by-step tutorial for all things pattern related. Follow this link and check it out: design.tutsplus.com  

Image source: 99designs.ca

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