Our Packaging Design Predictions for 2022

Our Packaging Design Predictions for 2022


With the world beginning to return to “normal”, folks are feeling more hopeful, more encouraged to socialize again, and move about this world with less trepidation than the year prior. Packaging design and design aesthetic has also been evolving. 

We have covered some interesting packaging design trends in 2021. With more bold colours, loud patterns, and maximal typography, 2021 saw a real shift from the minimalism that has dominated packaging for the past decade. But what will 2022 look like? We have broken down some trends in packaging design that are beginning to rise in popularity below: 

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  1. Textured Packaging 

We’ve emphasized the prominence of eCommerce since the onset of the pandemic, but with retail spaces open again, we are beginning to see some design elements shift towards elevating an in-store shopping experience. One of these trends is textured packaging. Think embossing, debossing, and mixing materials like gold/silver foil. The goal is to have your product pop off the shelf and engage your customers’ sense of touch. 

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  1. Transparent/Window Packaging 

In the same way textured packaging is becoming more popular in a retail setting, so too is transparent/window packaging. With so many other competing products crowding the shelves, including a window on a classic box allows your customers to see and interact with your product. It adds a layer of honesty and transparency which customers have begun to gravitate towards. People can really appreciate being able to easily see the size, colour, or ingredients.  

Image source the dieline.com

  1. Incorporating Emotion 

Using design to trigger certain emotions that you want your customers to connect with your product is becoming increasingly popular. Take Hopper’s Dog Treats for example. The use of curvy, playful, and repeat typography is super fun and playful. Plus the fun illustrations of dogs simply spark joy. The overall design of the packaging is meant to bring out all of the emotions that our dogs bring us: happiness, playfulness, and of course pure joy. 

Image source the dieline.com

  1. Compostable and Eco Friendly Packaging 

lWe have known that plastics have harmful, lasting impact on our environment for decades. There are so many more sustainable packaging solutions that we have also naturally been using. Corrugated cardboard is an excellent example of this. However, we have also been seeing more innovative materials hit the shelves. Regardless of what compostable material you select, be sure to include how to recycle or dispose of your packaging. Customers are appreciative of any attempts to reduce their waste footprint. Rotten Gummies are a fun expression of eco friendly packaging. Completely compostable, the design itself is a nod to 90’s nostalgia; grungy and Garbage Pail Kid-esque.

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