Our Predictions for Top Fonts for Packaging in 2021

Our Predictions for Top Fonts for Packaging in 2021


According to the New York Times, some of the most popular phrases of 2020 were: Black Lives Matter, Unprecedented, Virtual Happy Hour, and Zoom. To say that 2020 is a year that will go down in infamy would be an understatement. The pandemic, heightened social awareness, and overall upheavals in the ways in which we conduct regular life have been forever altered. These global events impact virtually every aspect of life. In our case, we’ve looked at how it impacts design in general. 

Retail packaging design trends tend to follow suit with other emerging trends in fashion and design. Typography and fonts are no exception to this. 

We are breaking down some of our predictions for the top fonts for packaging heading into 2021:

Serif Fonts: 

Image source: creativeboom.com

Jazmin Font

Jazmin is a bold font that works perfectly for branding, logos and print publishing. It is a playful serif font that harkens back to it’s more traditional roots with a much more contemporary feel. 

Image source: fonts.adobe.com 

Aesthet Nova Font

Aesthet Nova is a subtle, round, serif font. It is perfect for displays as it has a bold presence. Aesthet Nova also feels familiar and safe. Something that has been missing in all the chaos of 2020.  

Sans Serif Fonts: 

Image source: myfonts.com

Olivetta Font

Olivetta is a very “of the times” font; it is visually striking and tells a story with it’s typeface. Olivetta is so visual, it can sometimes feel almost like a serif font. It feels simultaneously nostalgic and modern. 

Image source: creativeboom.com

Jeko Font

Jeko is a great example of of modernism. It is bold, geometric, and minimal. It has sharp edges, modern cuts, and feels distinctly confident. Jeko is versatile and can be used for a number of projects.

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