Packaging and Sustainability

Packaging and Sustainability


In our industry, being environmentally responsible is imperative. By nature, we design products that most of the time get discarded as soon as they reach the consumer’s hands. Because of the internet, and surplus of information, people are getting more educated about the importance of sustainability. Not only companies should adapt to meet demand, but also because it is a responsibility to take care of our planet.

Packaging and Sustainability

As we mentioned earlier, people are getting more educated and concerned about companies using sustainable practices, and companies are jumping on board to meet this demand and do their part to help our planet. In fact, according to the Paper Recycling Coalition, in 2013 more than 63% of paper and paperboard materials, including cartons and boxes, were recovered for recycling. It wouldn’t be surprising to see an increase in this number because of how accessible recycling bins are. Not only is it accessible, but it is encouraged. The packaging company’s responsibility lies in using recyclable materials and inform the consumer on how to discard of it.

Companies are implementing sustainable practices in their operations and new technology is helping this. For example when it comes to protective packaging, people are using corrugated box partitions to protect products from touching each other and getting damaged. Also, corrugated can be designed into protective packaging so that a product fits in safely without getting damaged during transport. Here is a video on an example of ibox Packaging packaging.

Another great solution for packaging and sustainability is to look into compostable materials. We are starting to see this movement in food packaging. To-go containers, fruit trays, and some retail packaging are being manufactured with compost materials. We are seeing governmental initiatives to allow people to separate their trash so that they have the chance to throw compost into a separate bin.

At ibox packaging our corrugated cardboard is made of recycled materials and as we mentioned earlier, cardboard is a recyclable material. Also, we understand how important it is to protect our planet, so we are part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and we carry a certificate. For more information about SFI, please visit our Sustainable Forestry Initiative page on our website. We also print with vegetable based inks, which are considerably less harming to the environment. Finally, we have an in-house recycling program in our facility and we ensure all our waste is disposed of accordingly. Packaging and sustainability come hand in hand, and we work hard to ensure that we are doing our part when it comes to being responsible with the environment.

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